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Historical Art Work

The Korean War

John Groth, Nurses Chow Line, Korean War.

John Groth, Doctors and Nurses at Work #4, Korean War.

John Groth, Nurses In Tent Washing Hair, Korean War.

John Groth, Army Nurses Taking Break, Korean War

John Groth, Nurses In Tent, Korean War

John Groth , Nurses Tent, Korean War 

John Groth, Nurses at Work, Korean War

John Groth, Nurse Giving Plasma, Korean War

20th Med Bn, 2nd Infantry Division area in the village of Tudok, Korea, 7 March 1951.

1st Cavalry Division, Yangzi, Korea, Battalion Aid station.

Clearing station Korea.

The Korean Civilian Hospital in Inchon, operated by the 1st Mash, 3 Oct 1950.

A Medical Corps team of the 1st MASH, X Corps, Korea, performs a front-line operation on a battle wounded soldier. L-R Cpl. Bob Crain of Los Angeles, CA; surgical technician; Lt. (jg) Bruce Meiere of Berlinger, CA; Navy Surgeon; Capt. John J. Wilsey of Newark, NY, surgeon; and Lt. Marie Smarz of Shelton, Conn., ANC. 14 Feb. 1951.

Operating room 44th MASH, Korea, photo taken Jan 1954 after the war.

Cpt. Leila Kemp of Mobile, Ala, ANC, an operating room nurse, prepares instruments for surgery at the 3rd Station Hospital in Korea 10 Feb. 1951.

Protestant choir- ANC’s, MP’s, and engineers, chaplain 1Lt Hinkledey (Lutheran), 11th Evacuation Hospital, Wonju, Korea 1951-52.

121st Evacuation Hospital, Yongdong-Po, Korea, 3 Oct 1950.

121st Evacuation Hospital, Yongdong-Po, Korea, 3 Oct 1950, orthopedic cast room.

Lt Helen Maystrovich, ANC, treats a veteran wounded in Korea at the Tokyo Army Hospital 12 Jan 1951.

Sgt. Wm. Wang of Olympia, Wash., military policeman, helps medical corpsmen of the 2nd Infantry Division unload wounded soldiers at a battalion aid station in Korea. 3 Sept. 1950.

Men of the 25th Infantry Division attempting to tow off a captured T-34 accidently moved it over a land mine which exploded, injuring the men. An injured U.S. soldier being placed aboard a jeep for transportation to a medical aid station. The tank is in the background. 24 Aug 1950.

Cpt. Joseph W. Hely of St. Louis, MO, 2nd Helicopter Detachment, 2nd Logistical Command, pilots his “copter” in for a landing at the Detachment Base after evacuating wounded soldiers from the front lines. 31 Dec 1950.

Brooke Army Medical Center in early 1950's, Korean War era. Army nurses with helicopter crews. COL Agnes Maley, ANC in summer dress.

A seriously wounded American soldier arrives at a 2nd Infantry Division air strip in the rear area after being flown from the front line in an L-5 observation plane, converted so as to carry one stretcher patient. 30 Aug 1950.

A wounded soldier being taken off a DUKW by litter bearers after being transported across the Naktong River. 22 Sept. 1950.

Wounded soldiers are given medical treatment at a first aid station, somewhere in Korea. 25 July 1950.

1st Lt. Francis Curtin, Bellingham, Washington, MC, gives plasma to an unidentified wounded American soldier somewhere in Korea. 7 Aug 1950.

Newly installed bus ambulance provides solution to mass evacuation of casualties.

An American infantryman whose buddy has just been killed is comforted by a fellow soldier as a medic in the background fills out casualty tags.

U.S. Army nurses, medics, and a doctor triage and prepare a casualty for surgery in Korea.

Receiving ward in a MASH.

OR scene, MASH.