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Books and Documents

The Journal of the U.S. Army Medical Department

January/February 1992

Introductory Letter
Lt. Gen. Frank F. Ledford, Jr., MC, The Surgeon General, U.S. Army

The Journal Interviews - Maj. Gen. Michael J. Scotti, Jr., Commanding General, 7th Medical Command, Europe

Medical Support for Operation Desert Storm
Lt.Gen.Frank F. Ledford, Jr., MC, The Surgeon General, U.S. Army

Guest Article

Observations on the Gulf War by an Alumnus Who Had a Seat on the Fifty-Yard-Line
Ben Eiseman, MD, Rear Adm. (Ret), USNR

Sister Services

First To Aid: USNS MERCY (T-AH 19) and USNS COMFORT (T-AH 20) Deploy to the Persian Gulf
Capt. Roger J. Pentzien, MC, USN
Capt. Paul D. Barry, MC, USN

Air Power and Medical Readiness--The Air Force Medical Service
James S. Nanney, Ph.D.

The Gulf War in Europe: An Air Force Medical Review
Lt Col. Joseph L. McGraw, MS


The Surgical Treatment of Extremity Wounds and Non-Penetrating Wounds of the Trunk
Charles Rob, MD
Maj. James Malcolm, MC

Medical Chemical Defense in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm
Lt. Col. John V. Wade, VC
Maj. Robert M. Gum, MC
Col. Michael A. Dunn, MC

Burn Care During Operation Desert Storm
Col. Khan Z. Shirani, MC
Lt. Col. Willam K. Becker, MC
Maj. Loring W. Rue III, MC
Arthur D. Mason, Jr., MD
Col. Basil A. Pruitt, Jr., MC

Combat Psychiatry: Lessons from the War in Southwest Asia
Col. James A. Martin, MS

Social Work Service to Army Repatriated Prisoners of War at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Lt. Col. Robert H. Gemmill, MS
Col Calvin Neptune III, MS

Desert Storm: The Dentist in the Forward Support Battalion
Capt Philip J. Pandolfi, DC

Coalition Forces

Stretching the Resources: Medical Support for Canada`s Military Commitment to the Gulf War
Lt. Col. Wayne F. Dauphinee, CD

German Medical Assistance for US Forces During the Gulf Crisis: A Stock-Taking of Lessons Learned
Lt. Col. Christoph Veit, MD
Maj. Stephan Schoeps, MD


Operation Desert Storm -- a PA`s Perspective
CW2 Thomas F. Haigler, PA-C

After Desert Storm -- The Future of the Medical Reserves
Walter J. Pories, MD, Col. (Ret), USA

Maj. Douglas D. Eliason, MC

March/April 1992

Letter from the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs
Enrique Mendez, Jr., MD

The Journal Interviews -- Lt. Gen. Frank F. Ledford, Jr., Surgeon General, United States Army

From the USEUCOM Surgeon

Medical Support to Desert Shield/Storm: The USEUCOM Surgeon`s Perspective
Col. Robert M. O`Brien, MS
Lt. Gen Alexander M. Sloan, USAF, MC

Guest Article

The Medical Management of Chemical Casualty Course in CONUS and Europe During Desert Shield
Frederick R. Sidell, MD


US Army Medical Research and Development Command in Support of Desert Shield/Storm
Charles F. Dasey

Preparing and Organizing Medical Support to VII Corps: Operations Desert Shield and Storm
Capt. George A. Fisher, AMSC
Lt. Col. Howard A. McClelland, MS
Col. Robert F. Griffin, MC

The Medical Units of the Army National Guard (ARNG) and Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm
Col. Edward K. Jeffer, MC
Col. Shirley L. Jones, AN

Equipment Sourcing for Hospital Units Deployed to Operation Desert Shield
Col Richard I. Donahue, MS
William H. Howell

Medical Support to Special Operations Forces: Desert Shield/Storm
Maj. Thomas F. Lewis III, MS, USAR

"PSYCH-FORCE 90": The OM (Combat Stress) Team in the Gulf
CoI L. S. Holsenbeck, MC

The "New Jersey Psychologists Care" Program: Statewide Support for Desert Shield/Storm Families
Capt. Tamara S. Knapp, MS
Cpl. Jemeela S. Newnam

Crisis Management of Children During Desert Storm
Roger Lehman, Ph.D.
Maj. Jeffrey F. Hansen, MS
Harry L. Munsinger, Ph.D.


Medical Services to the Marine Corps in Desert Shield and Desert Storm
Capt. Terrence Riley, MC, USN

The US Navy Dental Corps in Desert Storm
Capt. Richard H. Harper, DC, USN

The Navys Preventive Medicine Experience in Desert Shield
Lt. Cdr. R. Kevin Hanson, MC, USN

Fleet Hospital Five--Ashore in Saudi Arabia
Capt. Richard A. Mayo, MC, USN


The Saga of the Comfortless
Maj. Doug Eliason, MC

The 87th Medical Detachment in Southwest
Lt. Col. Timothy K. Jones, DC

September/October 1992

The Journal Interviews -- Admiral (Ret.) James  A. Zimble, Navy Surgeon General during Desert Shield/Storm

Guest Article

HEATON LECTURE -- Combat Casualty Care
Col. Kenneth G. Swan, MC (USAF)


Operation Desert Shield/Storm Neurosurgery--2nd General Hospital--Place, Process-Lessons Learned
Col Richard M. Swengel, MC

Desert Shield/Storm Medical Issues Review and Ad Hoc Working Group
Col. Michael J. Kussman, MC

Medical Concerns of the Desert Soldier: Establishing a Model for Comprehensive Medical Care in a War Zone
Maj. Ken Hoffman, MC

Psychological Well-Being Among US Soldiers Deployed From Germany to the Gulf War
Col. James A. Martin, MS
Capt. Mark A. Vaitkus, MS
David H. Marlowe, Ph.D.
Capt. Paul T. Bartone, MS
Lt. Col. Robert K Gifford, MS
Kathleen M. Wright, Ph.D.

Medical Logistics Support to Desert Storm
Maj. Angel E. Cintron, MS
Maj. George D. Magee, MS

Dental Command and Control During Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm
Col. Jeryl D. English, DC

Naval Medical Support

Winning the Battle Against an Unseen Enemy
Liz Lavallee

Ready To Assist - The One Navy Medical Department in Operation Desert Shield/Storm
Lt. Christine M. Grabowski, MS

French Coalition Forces

Some Aspects of the French Military Health Service in the Gulf War
Le Médicin GénéraI J. A. Videlaine
Col. P. Rocher


Darmstadt to Dhahran: MEDEVAC Self-Deployment to Desert Shield
45th Medical Company

November/December 1992

Introductory Letter
Lt. Gen. Alcide M. LaNoue, The Surgeon General, United States Army

Introductory Letter
Maj. Gen. Michael J. Scotti, Jr., Commanding Officer, 7th Medical Command, U.S. Army, Europe

The Journal Interviews -- Lt. Gen. Alexander M. Sloan, The Surgeon General of the U.S. Air Force


Experience of the 31st Combat Support Hospital in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm: A Commanders Story
Col. William R. Smith, Jr., MC
Lt. Col. Philip Lisagor, MC

Unit Cohesion in Operations Desert Shield/Storm
Lt. Col. Robert K. Gifford, MS
David H. Marlowe, Ph.D.
Kathleen M. Wright, Ph.D.
Capt. Paul T. Bartone, MS
Col. James A. Martin; MS

Psychiatric Debriefing Following Operation Desert Shield/Storm
Maj. Ronald J. Koshes, MC, USAR
Capt. Barbara A.Rowe, MS

Experiences of the Pharmacy Service, 31st Combat Support Hospital During Operation Desert Storm
Capt. Rayner E. Lotton, MS
Maj. Jerome F. Pierson, MS
Capt. Walter Hoffman, MS

Operation Desert Shield/Storm - Dental Service Detachment Commander`s Perspective
Col. Dan Prucha, DC

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy: A Case Report and Review
Capt. John M. Stamatos, MC
Col Brian F. Condon, MC

Casualty Tracking for 7th Medical Command
Col. James D. Vinci, Jr., MS

British Coalition Forces

Preparations Made and Lessons Learned by the United Kingdom Defence Medical Services During Operation Granby
Maj. Gen R. P. Craig, QHS, MD, FRCS, L/RAMC

Operation Provide Comfort

Operation Provide Comfort A Cry for Help -- The Military Role in Humanitarian Aid
Lt. Col. Joseph M. Harmon, III, MS

Caring for Kurdish Refugees: Operation Provide Comfort
Maj. Barry F. Bennett, MC
Larry Harris, PA
Capt. Arthur W. Loesevitz, MC
Lee Murray, PA
Capt Thomas R. Place, MC
Capt. John M. Sayles, MC


Additional Articles

November/December 1993


Rebuilding Deployable Hospital Readiness
Col. Richard I. Donahue

Contact Lens Use by U.S. Army Aircrew on Operation(s) Desert Shield/Storm
Lt. Col. Morris Lattimore, MS
Col. Jerry Davis, MS
Lt. Pat Starrett, MS
Lt. Col. Luke Solverson, MS
Maj (P) Ken Foppiano, MS

Deployment of Audiologists: Forward to the Troops
Lt. Col. Richard W. Danielson, MS

REFORGER 92: Operation Desert Shield/Storm Lessons Learned Applied
Maj. Joyce A. Fletcher, MS

January/February 1994

Guest Article

The Impact of Enemy Prisoners of War on Medical Planning-Lessons from Operation Desert Storm
Col. Richard A. Leitch, MBE

May/June 1995

The Experience of a Unit Dental Officer during the Gulf War
Capt. Stephen P. Baker, DC
Lt. Col. Dan Pietz, DC