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Annual Report of the Surgeon General United States Army Fiscal Year 1961


For 35 years (1920-55), the field training school of the Army Medical Service had been known as the Medical Field Service School and, from 1920 until 1946, had been located at Carlisle Barracks, Pa.

Effective on 1 November 1955, however, the Medical Field Service School was redesignated the ?Army Medical Service School,? pursuant to DA General Orders No. 59, 13 October 1955, because it was believed that the former designation was not quite accurate since the activities of the school were not entirely restricted to field medical service training.

While it is true that the Army Medical Service School had always offered some courses of a purely professional and technical nature, it was considered that no need existed to take cognizance of these aspects in the name of the school, as AMEDS officers were well oriented with respect to the professional aspects of Army medicine. Since it was desired to emphasize the importance of field medicine and also one of the most important missions of the school?the development and promulgation of doctrine on the principles and methods of field medical service?the traditional and historical designation of ?Medical Field Service School? was restored pursuant to DA General Orders No. 47, 14 December 1960. This redesignation was effective as of 1 January 1961.