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Annual Report the Surgeon General United States Army Fiscal Year 1960


Department of the Army General Orders No. 44, dated 21 December 1959, redesignated as 'general' hospitals the seven Army hospitals in CONUS (continental United States) that are under the command of The Surgeon General. The redesignation of the following hospitals became effective as of 1 January 1960:

Old designation

New designation

Walter Reed Army Hospital

Walter Reed General Hospital

Brooke Army Hospital   

Brooke General Hospital

Letterman Army Hospital

Letterman General Hospital

Fitzsimons Army Hospital

Fitzsimons General Hospital

Madigan Army Hospital     

Madigan General Hospital

William Beaumont Army Hospital

William Beaumont General Hospital

Valley Forge Army Hospital

Valley Forge General Hospital

The Surgeon General initiated this action primarily to differentiate between named hospitals (class I) which provide local and area medical support and those named hospitals (class II) which are especially staffed and equipped for observation, treatment, and disposition of patients requiring long periods of hospitalization and highly specialized medical care. These latter hospitals provide worldwide medical support to the Army and, when required, to the Navy and the Air Force.

Under the policy inaugurated in fiscal year 1957, when the first hospitals in the Army's construction and modernization program were dedicated, new Army hospitals under the jurisdiction of army area commanders are being named in memory of deceased AMEDS (Army Medical Service) personnel whose military contributions were of a distinguished character. As a result, there was no distinction in the nomenclature between these hospitals and those under the command of The Surgeon General.

In redesignating its class II hospitals as general hospitals, the army reverted to the term which was used traditionally until 1950 to identify its specialized medical treatment facilities.