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By Jonathan Letterman
Medical Director of the Army of the Potomac
4 July 1862 - 14 January 1864

Table of Organization

The Entire Memoir
By Campaign
Aftermath of Seven Days Campaign
Maryland Campaign
Fredericksburg Campaign
Winter of 1862-1863
Chancellorsville Campaign
Gettysburg Campaign
Fall Interlude: Late July-October 1863
Mine Run/Briscoe Station

Special/General Orders Drafted by Letterman & Issued by C.O. of Army of the Potomac.
Special Orders No. 147 on 2 August 1862: Establishing an Ambulance Corps
General Orders No. 85: 24 August 1863: Ambulance Corps & Ambulance Trains
(Revision of General Orders No. 147)

Correspondence/Medical Orders Referenced by Letterman
Revised Supply Tables as of 4 October 1862
Establishment of Divisional Hospitals on 30 October 1862
Letterman`s Order Establishing a Uniform Inspection Form on 9 February 1863
Letter from Letterman to Hooker on Layout of "Unhealthy" Huts by Soldiers on 9 March 1863
Letterman`s Report on Army of the Potomac`s Health on 4 April 1863
Letterman`s Order to Army of the Potomac Corps Medical Directors of 27 April 1863:
Determine Readiness of Army of the Potomac
Collect Materials for a Medical & Surgical History of the War
Letterman`s Letter to Hooker on Camp of 12 May 1863 on
Selection & Duration of Army of the Potomac
Policing of Camp
Camp Sanitation

Ambulance Corps Act of 1864 Enacted on 11 March 1864

Blank Medical Forms
Weekly Report of Sick & Wounded
List of Wounded
Monthly Report of Medical Inspector
Report of Aggregate Strength-Tabular Statement of Wounded
Authorization for Admission to General Hospital

Memoir of
Jonathan Letterman, M.D.
Lt. Colonel Bennett A. Clements

Brevet Lt. Col. Bennett A. Clements Tribute to Jonathan Letterman
Letterman`s Military Service: 1849-18 June 1862
Hammond`s Letter to Letterman Appointing Him Medical Director of the Army of the Potomac
Testimonials of the Ambulance Corps` Success
Surgeon Charles O`Leary at Fredericksburg
Sixth Corps Medical Director at Fredericksburg (O`Leary)
Twelfth Corps Medical Director, Surgeon McNulty
Surgeon (now Brevet Brigadier-General) T. A. McParlin
Inspector General of the Army at Gettysburg
Medical Periodicals
Extract from "Medical Times," New York on 30 April 1864
Extract from "Journal of Military Service Institution," vol. ii, No. 5, p.8
Personal Testimonials
(Confederate) William Wing Loring General William Wing Loring
Major General George B. McClellan
Memorial to the Senate Committee of Military Affairs
Letterman`s Post-Military Career
General Orders No. 85 Published on 24 August 1863
New Supply Table Published on 3 September 1862
Establishment of Divisional Field Hospitals Published on 3 October 1862
Circular Ambulances, Etc. Published on 30 September 1862