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Battle Casualties in Korea:

Studies of the Surgical Research Team

Volume III.  The Battle Wound: Clinical Experiences

Editorial Board


John M. Howard, M. D.

Baylor University College of Medicine

Associate Editors

Vol. I.    Lieutenant Colonel Carl W. Hughes, MC
             Army Medical Service Graduate School

Vol. II.   Lieutenant Colonel William H. Crosby, MC
             Army Medical Service Graduate School

Vol. III.  Lieutenant Colonel Curtis P. Artz, MC
             Brooke Army Medical Center

Vol. IV.  Major William H. Meroney, MC
             Army Medical Service Graduate School

Army Medical Service Graduate School
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Washington, D. C.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Major General Leonard D. Heaton, MC

Army Medical Service Graduate School
Brigadier General John R. Wood, MC


Part One.  General Aspects of Surgical Care

 1. A Survey of Evacuation, Resuscitation, and Mortality in a Forward Surgical Hospital

2.  Clinical Experiences in the Early Management of the Most Severely Injured Battle Casualties

 3. Use of an Intra-Aortic Balloon Catheter Tamponade for Controlling Intra-Abdominal Hemorrhage in Man

4.  Evaluation of the Use of a Standard Tilt Test

5.  Experiences with Intra-Arterial and Rapid Intravenous Transfusions in a Forward Surgical Hospital

6.  Massive Transfusion in the Severely Wounded: Report of a Case Receiving 23,350cc. of Blood in the First Twenty-four Hours

 7. Resuscitation of the Battle Casualty: A Résumé

Part Two.  Management of Specific Clinical Problems

8.  Acute Vascular Injuries in the Korean Conflict: An Analysis of 77 Consecutive Cases

9.  Arterial Injuries in the Korean Conflict: Experience with 111 Consecutive Injuries

10.  The Primary Repair of Wounds of Major Arteries: An Analysis of Experience in Korea in 1953

11.  Acute Vascular Trauma in Korean War Casualties: An Analysis of 180 Cases

12. The Pathology of Skeletal Muscle Ischemia in Man: A Description of Early Changes in Extremity Muscles Following Damage to Major Peripheral Arteries on  the Battlefield

13.  The Criteria for Determining the Viability of Muscle in War Wounds

14.  Field Management of Burns

15. Clostridial Myositis-Gas Gangrene: Observations of Battle Casualties in Korea

Part Three. Special Laboratory Surveys of Clinical Material

16.  Sensitivities of Ten Species of Clostridia to Penicillin, Aureomycin, Terramycin and Chloramphenicol: A Study of Battle Wounds in Korea

17.  The Early Bacterial Flora of Wounds in the Korean Conflict

18.  The Bacterial Flora of Battle Wounds at the Time of Primary Débridement: A Study of  the Korean Battle Casualty

19.  The Bacterial Flora of Healing Wounds: A Study of the Korean Battle Casualty

20.  The Bacterial Flora of the Blood in the Korean Battle Casualty

21.  A Review of Postmortem Examinations in Combat Casualties

22.  Fat Embolism in Korean Battle Casualties: An Analysis of Its Incidence, Clinical Significance, and Pathologic Aspects

23.  Future Research in Support of the Battle Casualty