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The 326th Airborne Medical Company was the organic medical unit that supported the 101st Airborne Division during its operations in World War II.  As the size and structure of the airborne division changed during the war, the airborne medical company (Table of Organization and Equipment 8-37) grew from a strength of 20 officers and 195 enlisted men in September 1942 to 27 officers and 273 enlisted men in December 1944.  The company was organized into a company headquarters, several service sections, and three platoons which carried out the same functions as the clearing and collecting companies in the medical battalion of an infantry division.  Each platoon had litter bearer, ambulance, and treatment sections and supported one of the division`s parachute or glider infantry regiments during operations.

Operation Market Garden

The Battle of the Bulge


     Report of CPT Willis P. McKee, Medical Corps, 326th Airborne Medical Company, 101st Airborne Division

    326th Unit Combat History