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The Fight for the Hürtgen Forest

9th Infantry Division

Monthly Reports of the Medical Activities

Division Surgeon

August - December 1944

The Office of the Division Surgeon, 9th Infantry Division, compiled and submitted a monthly "Report of Medical Activities" that highlighted the main activities of the division`s Medical Department. It provided a statistical summary by unit of the casualties treated throughout the division during each month, but it did not contain the killed in action. The reporting categories included wounded-in-action (WIA), battle injuries (BI), non-battle injuries (NBI), disease, mental and physical exhaustion or simply exhaustions. The reports attached show the toll that the fighting along the Siegfried Line and in the Hurtgen Forest took on the division from September through December 1944, especially in the division`s three infantry regiments, the 39th, 47th, and 60th, but also in the 15th Engineer Combat Battalion and the 9th Medical Battalion that closely supported the GIs.

August 1944

September 1944

October 1944

November 1944

December 1944

Consolidated Statistics for 39th, 47th, and 60th Infantry Regiments, August-December 1944 

John Greenwood
Chief, Office of Medical History
Office of The Surgeon General, US Army
Falls Church, Virginia
28 March 2007