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AAF Army Air Forces
AAFSC Army Air Forces Service Command
ABC Adriatic Base Command
ABS Atlantic Base Section
ACC Allied Control Commission
ADMS Assistant Director, Medical Services
AFHQ Allied Force Headquarters
AG WAR Adjutant General, War Department
AMET Africa-Middle East Theater
AMEW Africa-Middle East Wing
AMG Allied Military Government
AMGOT Allied Military Government of Occupied Territory
Anvil Early plan for invasion of southern France
Armd Armored
ASRS Adjusted Service Rating Score
ASW Assistant Secretary of War
ATC Air Transport Command
Atl Atlantic
AVALANCHE Invasion of Italy at Salerno
Aux Auxiliary

BBC Bermuda Base Command
BE BLUIE EAST (U.S. air bases in Greenland)
BEF Brazilian Expeditionary Force
BLACKSTONE  Subtask force of Western Task Force for the attack on Safi
Bn Battalion
BRUSHWOOD Subtask force of Western Task Force for the attack on Fedala
BW BLUIE WEST (U.S. air bases in Greenland)

CBI China, Burma, India
CCB Combat Command B
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
CENT Task force in Sicily assault landing
CDC Caribbean Defense Command
CG Commanding general
CinC Commander in Chief
Cir Circular
CO Commanding officer
Co Company
CofS Chief of Staff
Comd Command
Comdr Commander
CONAD Continental Advance Section
COMZ Communications Zone
C&R Convalescent and rehabilitation
CRIMSON Air routes through central and northeastern Canada, part of the air ferry route to the British Isles
CRYSTAL Meteorological stations in northern Canada

DCCAO Deputy Chief Civil Affairs Office
DDMS Deputy Director, Medical Services
Detach Detachment
DIME Task force in Sicily assault landing
Dir Director
Div Division
DM5 Director, Medical Services
Doc Document
DRAGOON Allied invasion of southern coast of France, 15 August 1944
DSM Distinguished Service Medal

EASCOM Eastern Command
EBS Eastern Base Section
ETMD Essential technical medical data
ETO European Theater of Operations
ETOUSA European Theater of Operations, U.S. Army
Evac Evacuation hospital

FEC French Expeditionary Corps
FRANTIC AAF shuttle bombing of Axis-controlled Europe from bases in United Kingdom, Italy, and USSR
FUO Fever undetermined origin

GBC Greenland Base Command
GOALPOST Subtask force of Western Task Force for assault landing in Mehdia-Port-Lyautey area, North Africa
Gp Group

Hist Historical, history
Hosp Hospital
HUSKY Allied invasion of Sicily, July 1943

IBC Iceland Base Command
IBS Island Base Section
IG Inspector General
Interv Interview
It Italian

JOSS Task force in Sicily assault landing

KOOL Task force in Sicily assault landing

LCI Landing craft, infantry
L of C Line of communications
LST Landing ship, tank

MAAF Mediterranean Allied Air Forces
MAC Medical Administrative Corps
MAETS Medical air evacuation transport squadron
MBS Mediterranean Base Section
MCD Malaria control detachment
MCU Malaria control unit
Med Medical
MMU Medical maintenance unit
MSU Malaria survey unit
MTO Mediterranean Theater of Operations
MTOUSA Mediterranean Theater of Operations, U.S. Army

NAAF Northwest African Air Forces
NATO North African Theater of Operations
NATOUSA North African Theater of Operations, U.S. Army
NBC Newfoundland Base Command
NORBS Northern Base Section

OBE Order of the British Empire
Off Officer
Opns Operations
Ortho Orthopedic
0SS Office of Strategic Services
OVERLORD Allied cross-Channel invasion of northwest Europe, June 1944
Ovhd Overhead

PBS Peninsular Base Section
PGC Persian Gulf Command
PGSC Persian Gulf Service Command
PT boat Patrol vessel, motor torpedo boat
POW Prisoner of war

QM Quartermaster

RAAC Rome Allied Area Command
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
Rcd Record
RCT Regimental combat team
Regt Regiment
Rpt Report

Sec Section
Sep Separate
Serv Service
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
SGO Surgeon Generals Office
SHINGLE Amphibious operation at Anzio, Italy
Sitrep Situation report
SnC Sanitary Corps
SOLOC Southern Line of Communications
SOS Services of Supply
Sta Station
Stat Statistical
Suppl Supplement, supplementary
Surg Surgeon, surgical
SWPA Southwest Pacific Area

TAS The Air Surgeon
T/O Table of Organization
TOE Table of Organization and Equipment
Torch Allied invasion of Northwest Africa, November 1942
TRUST Trieste-United States Troops
TSG The Surgeon General

UNRRA United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
USAAF U.S. Army Air Forces
USAFCCU.S. Army Forces in Central Canada
USAFECU.S. Army Forces in Eastern Canada
USAFICAU.S. Army Forces in Central Africa
USAFIL U.S. Army Forces in Liberia
USAFIME U.S. Army Forces in the Middle East
USAFSA U.S. Army Forces, South Atlantic
USAHS U.S. Army hospital ship
USFETU.S. Forces, European Theater
USPHS U.S. Public Health Service
USSTAF U.S. Strategic Air Forces

Vet Veterinary

WAC Womens Army Corps
WD War Department

YAK Russian fighter plane

ZI Zone of interior