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A number of individuals other than the authors participated in the preparation of this volume either by contribution of information or by constructive review of sections of the history. The editors are happy to acknowledge the valuable assistance of--Maj. George R. Allan, MSC, AUS (deceased); Walter E. Barton, M.D. (formerly Lieutenant Colonel, MC, AUS); Miss Edna Blumenthal (formerly 1st Lieutenant, AMSC, AUS); Lt. Col. Ethel W. Coeling, AMSC, USA; Mrs. Mary Connelly; Jay W. Fidler, Jr., M.D. (formerly Captain, MC, AUS); Mr. Nephtune Fogelberg; Miss Lena Hitchcock; Lt. Col. Barbara M. House, AMSC, USA (Ret.); Maj. Barbara M. Knickerbocker, AMSC, USA (Ret.); Col. Aniello F. Mastellone, MC, USA (Ret.); Mrs. Lucie Spence Murphy; Lt. Col. Cordelia Myers, AMSC, USA; Jacquelin Perry, M.D. (formerly 1st Lieutenant, AMSC, AUS); Lt. Col. Joel L. Roth, MC, USA; Maj. Lois H. Sargent, AMSC, USA; Lt. Col. Agnes P. Snyder, AMSC, USA (Ret.); Lt. Col. Winnifred E. Soady, AMSC, USA; Lt. Col. Helen R. Sheehan, AMSC, USA (Ret.); and Maj. Barbara J. Viesko, AMSC, USAR