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Army Nurse Corps History Home

As past and present Army Nurse Corps Officers, we have anobligation to maintain our history. Our history is a testimony to what we havedone and to what we do every day. Historyprovides present day Army Nurse Corps Officers with a framework. The experiences and lessons of our predecessors guide our present dayactions. History is truly our linkto understanding the past, defining the present and influencing our future. Thisis the value that can be found in taking an active role in the history of ourprofession as an Army Nurse Corps Officer.

Examplesof how you can support the history of your profession: 

  • Be an active advocate for the preservation of our history

  • Donate copies of pictures collected during your service 

  • Donate copies of diaries, journals and letters that you may have kept documenting your service

  • Donate memorabilia to the Army Nurse Corps Historical Collection  

  • Participate in our oral history program and share your experience

Keep your ears and eyes open foropportunities to capture our story. Remember, you are a part of ANC history! 

The Army Nurse Corps Historian's Office is currently actively seeking severaltypes of uniforms that ANC officers have worn in the past. If you have any of these uniforms and would consider donatingthem to the collection please contact the Army Nurse Corps Historian. These uniforms are maintained for use in historical presentations and forhistorical research.  Theuniforms that are in need include: 

WWII'pink and greens' with tie and shirt
Taupe Semi dress Uniform with skirtand jacket
WWII Field Hospital Uniform-Cotton Seersucker Dress
Korean EraCotton Poplin Suntan Field Uniform worn off-duty in Korea
Vietnam era Fatigues
White polyester duty uniform-pantsuit
White polyester duty uniform dress
Greenpantsuit with turtleneck worn in the 1970's
Black overcoat without belt
Green field jacket (worn prior to the current camouflage jacket)
OperationDesert Shield/Desert Storm BDU's

OIF/OEF Desert Camouflage Uniforms
Current desert uniforms (Afghanistan)

Historical items are also need for recent operations, toinclude:

Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Noble Eagle
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Desert Shield/Desert Shield

"Finally,the history of the Army Nurse Corps should remind us of the importance of thepast, which has determined the present and will continue to affect thefuture."

Mary T. Sarnecky 
COL,USA (Retired) 
Author of: AHistory of the Army Nurse Corps