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Event Request Information

Thank you for your interest in booking an event with the AMEDD Museum. As part of our mission to promote AMEDD History and Heritage, the AMEDD Museum allows the reservation of locations on site for training and education sessions, as well as Army heritage events.Please note that the AMEDD Museum can only provide the venue for these events. Museum staff are not trained Audio-Visual technicians or Protocol specialists, and we are unable to provide full event support.As a public venue, we must remain open to visitors during standard business hours, and the safety and long-term preservation of our artifacts remains a key priority for our staff. We thank you for your understanding.

All events are processed in the order in which they are received, making the AMEDD Museum a first-come, first-serve facility. Please note that AMEDD Museum staff are not authorized to provide information about an event to individuals not directly related in the planning and preparation for the specified event.

In order to properly support our guests, we ask that every event submit the attached reservation form. The form can be returned to us via email or dropped off in person. There is also an online version that can be submitted on the AMEDD Museum website. Once received, we will contact you within two business-days regarding your reservation.

Building Usage Policies

In order to provide you the best support, while also ensuring the safety and long-term preservation of our historic artifacts, the AMEDD Museum adheres to the following policies regarding use of our facilities:

  1. We ask that all groups provide their own manpower for set up and clean up.
  2. To ensure we abide by officially-mandated building capacity limits, we require all events provide an expected number of guests to attend.
  3. Our hours for events are from 0800 to 1600 daily Monday-Friday. With U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence approval, we may be able to arrange for events outside of those hours. If your event will fall outside normal hours, we request a minimum 14-day notice.
  4. Guided tours should allow for a minimum of 1 to 2-hours for tours. We additionally require a minimum 7-day notice to arrange for guides.
  5. The museum does not currently supply assets such as tablecloths, serving utensils, paper plates and cups, dishwashing detergent, etc. Please see limited asset list below in our Event Request Form.
  6. All events wishing to utilize Audio-Visual equipment are encouraged to arrange for IT support from their local unit. The AMEDD Museum is not responsible for internet and network errors, equipment malfunctions, missing equipment, or incompatible accessories.
  7. Only UL approved electrical heating elements may be used for heating food. For safety reasons, Sterno containers and other non-fire department approved heat sources are prohibited.
  8. Please note that alcohol is prohibited inside federal buildings unless prior approval is requested from JBSA- FSH, Post Commander. Please note that approval typically takes two weeks or more, and requests must be submitted through your command.
  9. We request that all groups ensure spaces utilized are cleaned and restored to their original state. Clean up includes, but is not limited to: wiping down tables, cleaning spills, returning utilized assets to their original location, and hauling event trash to the dumpster located in the parking lot across the street.
  10. Please note that failure to follow these policies may result in a request to return and rectify the discrepancy, and/or denied use of the museum’s facilities for future events by the requesting party and/or associated organization.

Thank you for helping us preserve the Army Medical Department’s history and heritage. We look forward to serving you soon!