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AMEDD Distinguished Service Cross Recipients

  • A-D Includes Double Recipient MAJ Charles W. Comfort Jr., Medical Corps. CPT William Davidson was Dental Corps. Captain Bret V. Bates and Second Lieutenant Charlie M. Dodge were Sanitary Corps officers. First Lieutenant Joseph H. Dunn was an Ambulance Corps officer. The Sanitary Corps and Ambulance Corps were the forerunners of todays Medical Service Corps.
  • E-G Includes 1LT Lee M. English (Dental Corps). CPT Harold J. Gordon, 1LT Norris W. Gillette and 1LT Jefferson B. Fletcher were Ambulance Corps officers.
  • H-K Includes CPT Otto L.H. Hine (Dental Corps)
  • L-M Includes Double Recipient PFC Harry Liebeskind. Beatrice Macdonald and Helen McClelland were from the Nurse Corps. 1LT Robert E. Motley was a Dental Corps officer. CPT George E. McGinnis was an Ambulance Corps officer. SGT Leroy Morningstar was Native American.
  • N-R Includes Native American 1LT Josiah A. Powless, Medical Corps, Oneida Tribe
  • S-V Includes 1LT Robert O. Smith was a Dental Corps officer. Isabelle Stambaugh was from the Nurse Corps.
  • W-Z Includes 1LT Richard J. Walsh a Dental Corps officer. PFC Frederick Yannantuono was reported to be an enlisted Dental Assistant. CPT Wesselhoeft and 1LT Frank L. Williams, Medical Corps, were double recipients of the DSC.