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The Order of Military Medical Merit (O2M3)

PURPOSE — In recognition of membership in the Order, the official medallion was adopted on April 5,1982. The medallion represents the traditions and values of the Army Medical Department.

DESIGN — The medallion's design is derived from early U.S. Army Medical officer uniform emblems. In keeping with this, the medallion is made out of white brass. The central element is a shield representing the AMEDD Regimental Distinctive Insignia which bears the staff of Aesculapius, the classical symbol of medicine and the healing arts. The wreath is taken from the epaulets worn by medical officers until 1890. The wreath surrounding the shield was worn as a collar insignia from 1890-1896. The wreath and shield are superimposed on a modified Maltese Cross, recognized as the international symbol of medical care. The cross insignia was worn until 1902 when the present caduceus was adopted. The medallion is supported by a maroon neck ribbon, the color symbolic of the U.S. Army Medical Department. A sterling silver medallion of the same design may be purchased by members.