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AMEDD Silver Star

  • A Includes Captain George N. Abbott and First Lieutenant Waldo J. Adams who were Dental Corps officers and First Lieutenant Richard T. Arnest who was a Medical Corps officer. Private Bernard Appel was part of the North Russian Expedition.
  • B Includes double recipients of the Citation Star, Captain Daniel Bratton (Dental Corps) and Private Waler R. Breckinridge. 1LTs Bolton and Bourque were Sanitary Corps officers (forerunner of the Medical Service Corps).
  • C-D Private Benjamin Diamond was a double recipient of the Citation Star. Includes 8 Medical Corps officers. 1LT Frank Canning was a Dental Corps officer.
  • E Private Walter English earned his Citation Star while driving an animal drawn ambulance.
  • F-H Private Everett J. Hassell and 1LT Lewis Herndon (Medical Corps) were double recipients of the Citation Star. Major Feaster and Major Frederickson were Sanitary Corps officers (The Sanitary Corps eventually merged into the Medical Service Corps). 1LT Gillette was an Army Ambulance Service officer (The Ambulance Service would also merge into the Medical Service Corps)
  • I-K MAJ Jackson, 1LT Jacobson, and LTC Kerr, were Medical Corps officers. CPT John E. Kuykendall was a Sanitary Corps officer (The Sanitary Corps became part of the current Medical Service Corps). Private Joseph M. Kollar earned his Citation Star while serving in Petchina, Russia while a member of the North Russian Expedition.
  • L-M Linnie Leckrone, Army Nurse Corps, (nurses did not wear rank at this time) volunteered for duty on the front lines and earned the Citation Star. On July 31, 2007 Army Major General Gale S. Pollock, acting Army Surgeon General and Chief of the Army Nurse Corps, presented the Silver Star to Linnie Leckrone’s daughter. Includes double recipients CPT Allie Morgan, Medical Corps, and 1LT Charles Musgrave, Dental Corps. Private Harry Liebeskind also earned the Distinguished Service Cross twice in WW I
  • N-P Includes 5 Medical Corps officers. Sergeant First Class Clair Petit was part of the North Russian Expedition.
  • Q-S Two of the first three women in the military authorized to wear the Citation Star, Jane Rignel and Irene Robar of the Army Nurse Corps. This page includes 5 Army Ambulance Service officers (early Medical Service Corps officers). Also listed are 13 Medical Corps officers and 3 Dental Corps officers.
  • T-V Major Prescott S. Tucker was a Medical Corps officer
  • W-Z First Lieutenant William Wilson was a Sanitary Corps officer. (The Medical Service Corps traces its origins to the Sanitary Corps and Army Ambulance Service)